[PrestaShop] MB Cache Manager & WebP images

Click here to get MB Cache Manager & WebP images module.

Accelerate your online store and reduce the number of queries to the database! Module will cache pages of your shop to load your shop in less than one second. Thanks to image conversion graphics in your store will be loaded lightning fast!

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[PrestaShop] Copy missing categories from one shop to another

Simple SQL queries to copy categories from shop with id #2 to #1:

If you want to insert all existing categories to the shop #1 you should use this:

(ps_category -> ps_category_shop)

Password Store: Password encryption aborted.

While testing the Password Store on MacOS, I had problems when I was trying to encrypt passwords.

Initialization was correct:

However, when trying to generate / add a password:

The solution to the problem is the GPG Suite installation ->


Good browser extension: https://github.com/browserpass/browserpass/

[PrestaShop] Set the first combination of products as default

A simple query to set the first combination of products as default.
The query will only work for products that do not have any the combination set as the default.


Disallow the access to all files and folders with dot at the beginning

It is a good practice to disallow the access to all files and folders with dot at the beginning, except for .well-known folder (it is used for certificates verification and for security.txt file).


Apache .htaccess:






Scroll menu in PrestaShop 1.7 back-office

When you have many modules which adds buttons to the menu you are not able to see/click button from bottom of the menu because it’s not visible.

Very simple solution to allow scrolling the menu

Open file: /admin/themes/default/css/overrides.css and append this:

Open file: /admin/themes/default/js/admin-theme.js and append this:




[Qt] Easily print to console (i.e. for debugging)

How to print to console when using Qt?
Use QTextStream:

Error on file upload: UPLOAD_ERR_PARTIAL

When I was trying to send a file via the HTML form, I saw “error=3” in the $_FILE variable, what means:
UPLOAD_ERR_PARTIAL – The uploaded file was only partially uploaded.

The php_sapi_name() function returned me ‘apache2filter’.
I removed libapache2-mod-php5filter and installed libapache2-mod-php5.
Now php_sapi_name() returns ‘apache2handler’ and files uploading works good now 🙂