[PrestaShop][1.6] Add clickable field on admin catalog list

This entry shows how to add new clickable field to admin catalog list.


Our new field name: newfield

Our new field label: New field


Add new column to PrestaShop product table, example:

Create/modify file: /override/classes/Product.php

Create/modify file: /override/controllers/admin/AdminProductsController.php


It’s all 😉


Don’t forget to remove file: /cache/class_index.php to reindex classes.

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8 thoughts on “[PrestaShop][1.6] Add clickable field on admin catalog list”

  1. hi there, everything is working fine.
    Even if everything is working i still get one notice every time i switch field value

    Unknown column ‘newfield’ in ‘field list’

    UPDATE ps_product_shop SET id_product = ‘3’,newfield = ‘1’,unity = ”,id_shop = ‘1’ WHERE id_product = 3 AND id_shop = 1

    Any suggestion ?

    1. i’ve got den mode on … with dev mode off notice disappear… i just wanna understand why …

    2. Do you have file: /override/controllers/admin/AdminProductsController.php
      Try removing /cache/class_index.php file.

  2. Hi, it not works to me. After using filter i click on “cross” or “apply” and nothing happen – is there notification with “successully changed” but nothing happen.

    Thank you for reply

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