Error on file upload: UPLOAD_ERR_PARTIAL

When I was trying to send a file via the HTML form, I saw “error=3” in the $_FILE variable, what means:
UPLOAD_ERR_PARTIAL – The uploaded file was only partially uploaded.

The php_sapi_name() function returned me ‘apache2filter’.
I removed libapache2-mod-php5filter and installed libapache2-mod-php5.
Now php_sapi_name() returns ‘apache2handler’ and files uploading works good now ūüôā

Quickly define the file lines limit and cut the first lines

Use this command if you want to keep only a certain number of the most recent lines in the file without using an additional file.

* yourFileName – your filename
* 200 –¬†the number of lines you want to keep


Fast PrestaShop installation using shell command line

I wrote small script which in 7 steps provide fast PrestaShop installation using shell command line: script downloads latest PrestaShop, extracts files, creates database, sets correct permissions for PrestaShop files, installs PrestaShop and clean up installation.

You can find my script on:

Just run it using root account or using sudo:

Zaznaczenie_004 Zaznaczenie_002

How to create bootable Linux USB flash drive

  1. Insert your flash drive
  2. Format it by GParted and check your flash drive path i.e. /dev/sdb
  3. Umount your flash drive
  4. Run terminal and push iso to your flash drive by command:
  5. Wait for finish
  6. Reboot

The most resource hungry processes on Linux

The command with which we will see a list of processes that consume the most RAM (resources).

Instead of 10 you can specify any number of processes displayed.

To kill any process write:

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